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To cut the long story short.. I had two days to revise for my theory test.
I stumbled upon this site and was pleased to see an online resource offer so many questions; without charge! I answered every single question (yes I know) including the bonus questions in the last section. Quite a lot of the questions came up in the real thing too which was great. And yes, I PASSED :) ~ Rebecca Allen
I highly recommend this website, I have passed today (25 October 2013 in Croydon) first try. I found this website one day before my test, I went through most of the test. I scored 46/50 in the multiple choices, and 55/75 in the Hazard test. When I was studying I was thinking that I was probably wasting my time, and even doubted the accuracy of the questions just because it is a free website. I was surprised how similar the questions were. If you study it you will definitely pass the test. It is not a question of luck but readiness. So get ready and wait for the best. ~ Jean Pinto
I want to seize this opportunity to thank you for this free mock theory test. I practiced all your mock tests before sitting for my DSA test yesterday and passed very very well at one attempt. I advise anyone intending to sit for DSA test to practice these Free Mock Theory Tests and am sure he/she will pass it at one sitting. Thank you very much and God bless. ~ Tayo Ayinde
After studying for barely one week with online questions provided on this website, I took my theory test on 17th Oct 2013 and I passed. I couldn’t believe it when I got the result. Thank you so much for these materials, they are really helpful. I didn’t practice with anything else except your materials. I have already recommended it to a guy who failed the test at the centre (Sidcup) where I wrote my own. I will continue to spread the gospel of your good work. ~ Festus O.
Passed the Theory Test today with a score of 45/50 and 57/75 on the hazard perception, amazing how many questions from this website are on the actual test, would recommend it to any student ~ Oli Kohler
Just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing website, I did all the mock tests and they are so near to the real thing so definitely worth a go! I sat my theory test today (21/12/13) and passed first time with flying colours! Thank you! ~ Hannah Gibson
This website is just GREAT. I did all the mock tests, read the Highway code, bit of practice with the books. It took me 2 weeks (2 hours per day) and I passed the theory on Friday 18th of October 2013 and score 47 out of 50. Brillant !!!! ~ Nado Abadan
I passed my theory test today 45/50! I used this website constantly and I got to say most of the questions came up in these tests. Would highly recommend this to other but also use the driving book as well :) ~ Mylinh H
I just took my theory test last Friday 11/10/13 and passed well: 46/50 and all I used was this site (took 10 practices) and the DSA site (to practise the road signs & hazard perception). Thank you! Highly recommended and was very helpful!! ~ Naomi A
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!! For your site and your entire team! I passed my theory test with flying colours yesterday 25/04/2013! After 3 frustrating attempts, a friend referred me to your site and I am grateful I checked your site out… at least 45 of the questions on this site were in the actual test! THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ~ Ola Ola
Mad how much of these questions were on the proper test!! Passed with flying colours!! Thank youuuuuu! ~ Ainsley Mantack
Used just this site for the multiple choice section of the test to learn and revise and I passed with 96% (48/50). Couldn’t recommend it enough! ~ Yvette Kiley
Today I have passed my theory test on 08/05/14, this website had nearly all of the answers on the real test. I recommend this website to anyone. This was the first time I have passed I am really happy, thank you!!! I have passed with 47 out of 50 and for the hazard perception 51 out of 75 ~ H.K.
Am so delighted! Just got 49/50 and 62/75 using just this for practise. Thanks so much!! ~ Mary Hill
Passed my theory test May 2014 1st time thanks to this website, 90% of the questions are similar to the actual test. Practice every test on this website and you will have no problems in passing the real thing ~ Atif A
I passed my theory test first time today thanks to TopTests. A large number of the questions in the test I had seen before on here. I would recommend to everyone. ~ Sarunas Gembutas
Great resource for practice of the Theory and was a great help, I just kept practicing with it until I was getting at least 80% scores and that worked for me. The only pity is no Hazard Test practice, the way the Theory test is laid out, I feel sure this site would have a great Hazard practice too (some sites had tiny video, making it a whole lot harder than it needed to be. But the Theory and Road signs on here are excellent, I especially recommend the Marathon Practice! ~ Jon B
I just took my theory test yesterday and passed! I would definitely recommend people who are preparing for the theory test to use the mock tests on this websites. I used the CD too but most of the questions I came across on the website were on the actual assessment. From using the CD and the website I would say that the questions from toptests are more accurate. ~ Patryk Tariq
I did the mock tests a couple of times and spent a good week before the exam. Passed with flying colors…48 out of 50. Also passed the hazard test with 59 out of 75. Thanks a lot for the preparation kit and tests…:) ~ Pavan K.
This website has really helped in practising for my theory test and I went in for my today and I passed it and its my first time.
~ Themi Ato
Hiya, just want to say thank you…used your practice tests for 2 weeks before my exam and I passed. Got 46 out of 50. Thank you once again. ~ Toby Thompson
Passed my theory test first time, 19 Sept 2013. This site helped me. Read the highway code and practised all the questions here. I was so nervous but I did it. ~ Sanele M
An amazing site! The only let down is not enough Road Signs, but apart from that it was very informative for me… I have been putting the Theory Test off for about 4 years. I booked my test and had 4 weeks to revise. I came on this site every other day and made sure I knew every answer off by heart (Hint button useful to understand the answer too!). I PASSED on my first time!! I could not believe it!! THANK YOU for making this a success for me. ~ Louise Dawson
Hi! Just to share my experience -- first attempt all cleared thanks for the great site. ~ I Khan
Thanks to this site I got my theory test with less than 5 days revision! The huge variety of questions allows you to understand so much about a certain topic, therefore allowing you to tackle any question with confidence! ~ Tommy Leigh
Got 50/50 from just revising this in the morning before my exam in early October (booked it ultra late)! Some qs were identical. However I did consolidate my revision with the official DSA CD mock test and revision (however these tests were perfect practise). ~ Dan N
I just want to say I have passed my theory test today 07/10/13 with 44/50 correct answers and I’d like to say thank you to your team for making this website for other people to practice on and pass on as well. ~ Imran Ali
Passed my theory yesterday, 44 on multiple choice and 53 on hazard perception. Revised a lot off this site and it really helped. ~ Miles H
Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to top tests. Amazing help, friendly and fun way of teaching theory!! :-) 100% successful in helping to pass! I’m very grateful to top tests. THANK YOU! ~ Z.I.
I’d like to convey my thanks and gratitude to the free mock theory team. Passed first time WITH YOUR HELP. YOU ARE THE BEST. THANK YOU. 11/09/13. ~ S. Javed
I just want to say that I came across this site around three days before doing my driving theory (test taken today on 11/09/13 -- I had been revising for weeks with a DVD) and went through all of the practice tests. Compiled with my revision from the driving DVD, this website offers the best (by a country mile) free service out there for those who are looking to pass their theory test’s multiple choice section. Many questions I had on the actual test today were near identical to some of the questions here, down to and including the pictures on the question screen (where relevant), so to pass up on this website as a means of serious revision is at the loss of the individual. I also suggest the 150 question test marathon, as that really does challenge your ability to get everything correct, in addition to remaining focused throughout! I ended up with 49/50 on the multiple choice and 67/75 on the hazard perception part. Don’t forget to revise for the hazard perception section too, for anyone that is reading this success story. That is just as important to pass! ~ Chris W
48/50….Happy… passed first attempt 14.Sep. 2013. All I did was the 10 Mock tests. Thank a lot guys for making lives of all candidates so easy. Good job. Well done! ~ Vanisha Kewul
PASSED!! THANK YOU!! I had my first driving theory test today and thanks to this website I PASSED!! The questions were all same as the questions in these tests provided but worded differently and had the same answers :D Thank You TopTests. ~ Jayesh Mohane
I just took my test yesterday on the 21/10/13 woww I passsssed nicely ffs this site is the best love. ~ Jack Scofield
Huge thanks to the people behind this site. I passed with 47/50 on the multiple choice section. Loads of the questions were identical to the ones on this site and I doubt I would have passed if I hadn’t have found this site. I definitely recommend this site to anyone about to take their theory test, with this and topping up by reading your highway code, you are sure to pass. ~ James Stringfellow
I practised with just this & the online Hazard Perception tests and I passed, if you don’t know the answer just look at the hint, and if you get the answer wrong read why you did, that’s how you learn! Thank you Top Tests, an awesome free alternative to the DVLA books & CD. ~ Melissa Smith
Hello Everyone. I’m here to say a Big Thank you to as i cleared my theory in 1st attempt scoring 49/50 in Multiple choice and 66/75 -HP I suggest and recommend every person to practice these mock papers till you reach the test centre, they are just great way to keep up your confidence and while I was answering the questions at the real test centre, I felt i was on……. Practice, practice and you will pass in your first attempt…..Good luck! ~ Dora Dourado
Thanks a lot to TopTests. Used this for 3 days before my test and did every test, and got 47/50 on my first go! I would highly recommend it for your revision :) ~ Ben F
Yes, yes, yes!! Today the 17th of August I passed my Theory Test first time!! I scored 49/50 in the theory and 60 in the Hazard Preception! This score was better than my practice ones. The best thing is the practice assessment questions came up in the actual assessment! I was so happy when I saw the questions that I revised! I passed at Croydon test centre. I’m glad I found this website randomly. I don’t think I would have passed otherwise. I would highly recommend this website to anybody preparing for their theory test examination. Good luck! ~ Samir B
Used this web and passed 48/50. Practised only the ten mock questions. The questions were almost the same. Great help… Thank You !!!!! ~ O P
Woooooohooo!!! Passed my test today 21 June 2013. Thanks to this site. Learn about types of crossing and all other kinds of highway rules, arm signals and etc. Good luck. Practice, practice and practice! ~ Zuka Ch
I GOT 50/50 unbelievable! Thanks top tests! ~ T J
I have used this website now for the past 6 days, I had my theory test today at 3.30 and past first time, many thanks, good website! ~ Benjamin Johnson
I practiced the mock tests and it gave me an idea of range of topics that I needed to cover before the actual test. The mocks are really close to the actual test and gave me confidence. I scored a 49/50 on the actual test and might have gotten a perfect score if I had gone back to the questions to review my answers. Thanks a lot again for these tests. It’s a good set to prepare yourself for the actual day and covers almost every topic.
~ Anuradha Bansal
Woop woop passed with flying colours and first time, all thanks to this wonderful site just hope the next bits as easy test the first week in September x ~ Elizabeth Barber
My theory test got moved to a later date so I decided to look around for test questions and I am so glad i came across this website as it really helped me practice for my test, before I found this website i was looking through the book which is helpful but it’s very tedious and sent me to sleep!! If my theory test didn’t get moved to a later date i probably would of failed it! Thanks for helping me pass! ~ Ruth Nicholson
I have the disc but this course is so much better as you get the answers straight away and the hint button is very helpful if you are unsure. I went for my theory and failed the first time which I knew I would so have really prepared myself this time by using this free site well done on being helpful to all us that have to take it. ~ Debbie Wishart
I had my theory test today (24/07/2013) and passed thanks to this was my first try on it and was confident in my test. Thank You :D ~ Alulutho F
Only recently started using the site and I passed 49/50 :D ~ Jed Gobey
Passed my theory 17th July, I’m not even joking about 30 of the questions I answered on here are on the test, also I used other free websites and Highway Code book but I reccommend you take ALL tests on here, you will pass first time. I’m so happy, booking my practical soon. ~ Alisha P
I want just to say thank you for this website.. It reaaaaally helped me passing my theory test (2/7/2013) from the first time with 47 out of 50. Again thank you ~ Claudia Asa
Only had a few days till my theory and didn’t want to get the book as i knew i would fall asleep reading it everytime. Found this website and OMG amazing. Had my theory this morning and got 48/50. Pretty much all the questions on here came up. 2 BIG THUMBS UP TO THIS SITE. THANK YOU. ~ James S.
Thanks so much toptests! Passed first time yesterday 48 out of 50. Great revision material for the theory! ~ Tony Ly
Thanks so much Toptests. Have just passed my theory test (13/06/13). Your site is great, I’ve used it for just two days and passed the test first time with 47/50 and hazard perception 62/75. Have already recommended it to a friend. ~ Themi Ato
I have just done my theory test today and got 44 out of 50. This web site I would give to any one and I have been recommending to my friends who are doing their theory test. Mega thanks to the people who made this web site and put all the hard work in to it to achieve a site that is so near the actual test it’s remarkable. I have found so many of these questions pop up in the test I did today. Wish everyone success in passing. If I can do it any one can :) .. Have a good day all :) ~ David Thwaites
I used this website and passed, thank you very much!!! This is not a time waster website, this helps many people so thank you…. Now I’ve got a stress free life….. until the practical ~ Lisa Jenkins
I passed my theory test yesterday with 48/50 which was unbelievable as I didn’t study much. I just kept practising on this website.. thank you guys!!! ~ Mew Nicolas
Ahhhhhhhhhh!! I practised this for three weeks and guess what I PASSED!!!! :) this helped me sooooo much and my parents are so proud of me. Thank you sooooo much :) ~ Jazz Khan
I’m so happy I found this site. 48/50 on my theory, all down to this site. Cheers :) ~ Zakk Creasey
I passed my theory& hazard test today by using this website & a cd :) xx ~ Hana Khan
I passed first time 49/50 thanks toptests ~ Qasim Zaman
i have passed my theory test it looks like a dream. I practised mock test fab fab fab. ~ Shumaila Imran
I took my theory test on Monday (29th April) and failed by one mark, this left me very disheartened. After failing the test I booked it again for today (3rd May) as I was eager to pass and start working towards my practical test. I scoured the internet looking for something different to help me revise, as what I had been using clearly wasn’t helping. And I came across TopTests I practised for two days for a few hours and today I passed my test *dances* This site has been so helpful, don’t think I would have been able to take failing again! Best of all it’s FREE!!!! Thanks TopTests
~ Keisha Holmes
Yipeeeee, I have just done my Driving theory test today on 30/05/2013 and passed first time. Thank you so much Top Tests for sharing the Free theory practice tests online. I would recommend your site to anyone who is about to take or is thinking of taking their Driving theory test to use your site to prepare for their test. I spent two weeks studying the questions everyday for at least two hours per day and I backed it up with using the DSA CD for the Hazard Perception part of the theory. I was a bit nervous this morning but when I started the test and found out that the questions where very similar to the ones I had been studying on the Top Test website, I calmed down and became confident that I would do well and I passed. Thank you so much once again TopTests, you guys are the best. ~ L Ajose
I passed yday just using this website. Big thanku to toptests, 45 out of 50! ~ Hayley B.
Just passed my theory and most of my revision I used this website! The DSA website is a good one too but this is the best! ~ Jaime Mitchell
I passed my theory test on Friday 17/05/13. I want to say a big thank you to TOP Tests. I scored 48 out of 50 and 55 out of 75 in the second part. 49 questions out of 50 on your site appeared in the test word to word. THANK YOU ~ Tina M
I’m really thankful to the team and persons behind this site. Today I have my passed test :) I scored 47 out of 50 and 65 out of 75. ~ S Zain
There was a place available for a test at the Quays center in Salford. I booked it yesterday around 5PM. I spent my evening practising here. Guess what I just passed my test today. It’s so amazing, thank you so much… ~ Fadi, Manchester
Hi guys, I have been studying my theory on here for 2 months now and today I had my theory and I passed, just to let u know it’s not hard I was sooo nervous but I passed I got 47 correct all my advice is study your stopping distances and just practice prior to your exam its easy guys good luck ~ Marlena Mortimer
I find the Highway Code really hard to master and therefore uninteresting… then found this site two weeks ago and been practicing with the questions here for my driving theory test which I had today. Guess what? I passed at the first try! Thank you for such wonderful help. ~ Davina B.
Done the tests on this website, that’s all the work I done and passed 1st time, brilliant website. Thank you ~ Ian Campbell
I have been looking around the web for mock theory test websites and they have all been rubbish! I came across this one and this is just fantastic, had my theory today and passed. Amazing website. Highly recommended ~ Jordan Paris
Passed all 5 theory mock tests the night before my test on this site, the next day 15th February 2013 I have passed my DSA theory test! :D this site is great to practice, I will recommend it to everyone. Did use other sites also but used this site everyday. ~ Kate D
Fab theory test website! Practised here for a couple of weeks, passed this morning 28 March 2013. Thanks to your website, questions at test quite similar but some are asked differently many thanks delighted ~ Carol Neal
This website is absolutely fantastic, and was instrumental in helping me pass my theory test. I’ll definitely be telling others about it. Thank you so much for providing the 5 mock tests :) ~ Sophie G.
This is a fantastic way to practise…. just passed my test by only using this to study! ~ Anita Waters, London
Passed my theory test straight away! Thanks for this website! Cheers TopTests! ~ Mark Smith
I have just done the test 23 Jan 2013. They are the same, or very close to the questions. But they will come up randomly. They appear to be asked on this website the same way they are asked at the Test Centre. ~ Liza
Passed my theory test last week,your website was a great help :-) ~ Carly Necrews
Excellent website, as it helped me pass my theory! Driving CD 2012 helps too and trust me you will pass :) Goood Luuckk!
~ Javz Ahmed
I used this site to practice 2 days before my exam and passed my theory exam. I totally recommend this site! ~ AJay Foman
I have passed my theory test …thanks to this website ~ Jangeer Khan
I just took my Theory test. I used The CD Rom recommended by the DSA. When I did the test at the test centre the questions were asked differently to what I had practised. I found this website today and can tell you that the way the questions are asked here are nearly if not the same at the test centre. I RECOMMEND practice on this website so that you are used to the way the questions are asked at the Test Centre. (I think the CD should be used as well for the case studies. Though they seemed a little different on the test. I wish I had known this website before I took my test. I did pass my test, I got 48 for the questions. I think I got two wrong because of the way I was asked the questions which threw me a little. I know there were two that I did not understand yet I recognised them and had been getting 50 correct in my practice at home on that CD Rom. Plenty of practice will get high marks. ~ E Gregory
I want to say a big thank you to TopTests. I have passed my theory test first try. I scored 47 out of 50 in the first part and 50 out of 75 in the second part. 11/4/2013 from Bolton ~ Nusrat Maqsood
I had practiced on here two weeks before my theory test date and this really helped and the night before I got all the mocks correct and loved the new theory test that was added. My test date was on the 14/03/2013 and I passed. Thank You. This was really helpful. ~ Yasmin Alam

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